Dossier K (K-file)

When word reaches Nazim in his ancestral village in the Albanese mountains that his father has been shot by members of the rival Gaba clan in Antwerp, he is compelled by the age-old, unwritten law of KANUN to avenge him. He travels to Antwerp where he submerges himself into the shady underworld of the Falcon Square, where his corpulent godfather Prenk Shehu runs a tight ship, both in business and community affairs.
Commissioner Vincke, who is tasked with the murder investigation, is not exactly jumping at the prospect of having to poke around the hornets' nest of Albanese organized crime, an impenetrable fortress of war-hardened criminals. Hardly surprising, then, that he is quick to accept the assistance from the organized crime division, led by DA  Bracke. Soon it transpires that the murder fits into a larger framework: Bracke’s investigation of the Gaba clan’s arms trafficking. Vincke and Bracke succeed in building a strong case against Gaba, but before they can wrap things up, Nazim carries out his vendetta against the Gaba clan. Case closed. Interpol will track the fugitive Nazim. While Vincke receives his share of praise for his handling of the case, something is amiss. There are too many loose ends. Intrigued, Vincke pokes his nose into the hornets’ nest once more, only to uncover backhand dealings between Bracke and the clans and all sorts of shenanigans to pump up the statistical success rate of the official. While on the run, Nazim is confronted with rumours that his father was actually a snitch for Bracke. Therefore, according to the KANUN, he had been rightfully executed, and Nazim has “evil blood” on his hands. So he returns.  Things race towards their inevitable conclusion and a fateful confrontation between the duped men.

Belgium - 2009
Genre: Thriller – feature film
Duration: 120'
Director: Jan Verheyen
Screenplay: Carl Joos, Erik Van Looy & Jan Verheyen
Producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama - Peter Bouckaert & Erwin Provoost
Actors: Koen De Bouw, Werner De Smedt, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Filip Peeters, Jappe Claes, Marieke Dilles, Greg Timmermans, Blerim Destani, Erkan Albay
Release: December 9

Tax shelter status: Financing finalised


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