Achter De Wolken

Two people meet again after more than 50 years. They were lovers once, but their lives took different turns: she married his best friend. Fifty years later, both single again, they meet, and passion flares up again, too. They fall in love… But can you pick up the thread of the life you were leading fifty years ago? How long does love last? The story of a wonderful last love affair, which is relived with the intensity of a first.

Behind the Clouds is the first feature-length film by Cecilia Verheyden, based on a stage play by Michael De Cock, featuring two of the finest actors Flanders has ever known:  Jo De Meyere and Chris Lomme.

Belgium - 2015
Genre: Drama
Director: Cecilia Verheyden
Screenplay: MichaŰl De Cock
Producer: Eyeworks NV - Peter Bouckaert
Actors: Chris Lomme, Jo De Meyere, Katelijne Verbeke, Charlotte De Bruyne, Lucas Van den Eynde
Release: tbc


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