Jes, a young 30-something, and her boyfriend Gert are at the airport, ready to leave for China.  Gert had found a dream job in Shangai.  They've sold the house, Jes has quit her job to along a start a new life in China.  But then she hesitates.  Is she ready to give up her own ambitions and live a life as 'Gert's girl" in a foreign country?  No, she's not!

Jes decides not to go.  She leaves gert at the airport and goes to Brussels.  At least she has friend there and a sister.

Jes start building up a new life in the big city. 

Belgium - 2009
Genre: TV series - 13 episodes
Director: Kaat Beels & Nathalie Basteyns
Screenplay: Kaat Beels, Nathalie Basteyns, Helke Smet, Nathalie Deklerck, Michel Sabbe, Frans Ceusters, Bram Renders
Producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
Actors: Lotte Heijtenis, Kadèr Cürbüz, Pascale Platel, Johan Heldenberg, Koen De Graeve, Wouter Hendrickx

Tax shelter status: Totally financed



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