Eigen Kweek

The sympathetic Welvaert family of farmers lives on the rhythm of potato growing. Father Josh is a modest, hard worker, who more the anybody knows how to grow potatoes. Much to his dismay, however, none of his two sons, Frank and Steven, are interested in continuing the family farm.

Mother Ria, on her part, hopes she will soon have grandchildren. But there is not much to expect from Steven, as he still lives at "hotel mama". She has placed all her hopes in Frank, who just moved out and who is having his "Skype" fiancée Julita come over from the Philippines.

When Josh becomes the victim of a swindler he decides to compensate the financial misfortune by secretly growing weed with his son Steven. Meanwhile Frank tries to become happy with Julita, but unexpected cultural differences soon crop up.

"Homegrown" is a tragicomic series about the ups and downs of the Welvaert family. They live in Heuvelland, West-Flanders, near Ypres, a hamlet populated by odd characters. A difference of opinion about the cooperation between father and his two sons threatens to tear the family apart. An illegal crop and a Philippine beauty will give solace and bring them closer to one another again.

Belgium - 2013
Genre: Comedy - TV series - 6 episodes for één
Duration: 6 afleveringen van 50'
Director: Joël Vanhoebrouck (Dubbelleven, Vermist)
Screenplay: Pieter De Graeve, Mathias Claeys, Bas Adriaensen, Philippe De Schepper
Producer: Eyeworks NV
Actors: Sien Eggers, Dirk Van Dijck, Wim Willaert, Sebastien Dewaele, Rhoda Mae Montemayor, Rudi Delhem, Maaike Cafmeyer, ...
Release: November 2013

Tax shelter status: Fully funded

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