Windkracht 10 : de reeks (Gale Force 10)

"Gale Force 10" combines high tension rescue operations with an inside look on squadron life and the professional and emotional conflicts between these men and women for whom danger is only an alarm call away.

Put 15 young men and women together on stand-by in a relatively confined space, and tensions are bound to rise. Incompatible characters, crushes, financial problems, jealousy and missed promotions, tragic secrets in their pasts, the by-the-book pettiness of the commanding officer, the terrible blows of losing a rescued life…

Sharing the joys, the hardship and the danger creates bonds between these men and women that may put stress on their marriages and relationships.

The last thing they need is another blonde. Especially when she turns out to be a hard-boiled fighter pilot from the F-16 tiger squad.

"Gale Force 10" is an MMG production, in coproduction with TV1, TROS and Canal + and is created by Erwin Provoost, Dido and Pierre De Clercq.

Belgium - 1996
Director: Erik Van Looy, Peter Rondou, Mark De Geest, Luc Coghe, Freddy Coppens, Eric Taelman, Christian Vervaet, Dirk Corthout
Screenplay: Pierre De Clercq, Carl Joos, Jan Bergmans, Nancy Van Beersel, Mark De Wit, Steven R.Thé, Guy Bernaert, Paul Pourveur
Producer: MMG - Erwin Provoost, coproduced with TV1, Canal+ and TROS (NL)
Actors: Gène Bervoets, Huub Stapel, Andrea Croonenberghs, Warre Borgmans, Ann Ceurvels, Tom Van Bauwel, Ludo Busschots, Marc Van Eeghem, Wim Opbrouck, Vic De Wachter, Tom Van Landuyt, Hilde Heijnen, Gert Lahousse, Kurt Defrancq, George Arrendell, Jan Van Looveren, Guy Hellings, Veerle Dobbelaere, Tine Van den Brande, Chris Theys, Katelijne Verbeke, Isa Hoes, Simon Broeckaert, Luca Kortekaas, Rik Launspach, Wim Stevens, Dimitri Leue, Koen De Bouw, Antje De Boeck, Lucas Van den Eynde, Brigitte De Man

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