Brussels by Night

Max (40) leaves his house in the suburbs.  he arrives in Brussels, a city he does not like because of its unfamiliarity.  He drifts through its streets and meets Louis, an old work-mate, Alice, awould-be actress, and Abdel, a Maroccan tramdriver.

A kind of relationship grows between the four 'heroes'.  This leads to tragedy and no one gets escapes unscathed.

Belgium - 1983
Director: Marc Didden
Screenplay: Marc Didden
Producer: MMG (Erwin Provoost) - Real Reel Films
Actors: François Beukelaers, Ingrid De Vos, Amid Chakir, Michiel Mentens, Fred Van Kuyck


  • Belgian Award for Best Screenplay, 1980
  • Award for Best Film at the San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain, 1983
  • Silver Trophy Spanish Cineclubs, 1983
  • The Andrée Cavens Award (Union of Filmcritics), Belgium, 1983
  • Silver Award, Creative Club of Belgium
  • Outstanding Film of the Year at the London Film Festival, 1984

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