Crazy Love - Love is a Dog from Hell

Three 'Bukowskian' torrid nights in the life of a man in search of love.  Harry Vos, 12, is young and naive.

Love for him is romantic love between princes and pricesses demurely kissing each other on the mouth.

His father is a hero who kidnapped his mother and married her on a lonely mountain peak...Later on, he'll do the same.  But Harry has a lot to learn.  He learns about 'being hot' and 'fucking' and about what you have to do when you are alone and 'feel the itch'.

He also learns that there are handsome men and ungly ones, that love can be unfair.  That one can find comfort in drinking...but above all he learns that man is capable of anything - abdolutely anything! - to get his fair share of love.


- 1986
Director: Dominique Deruddere
Screenplay: Marc Didden - Dominique Deruddere, based on stories by Charles Bukowski
Producer: MMG - Erwin Provoost
Actors: Josse De Pauw, Geert Hunaerts, Michaël Pas, Gène Bervoets, Amid Chakir, Florence Béliard, Karen Van Parijs, Carmela Locantore, An Van Essche, Doriane Moretus


  • Best Directing Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain, 1987
  • Grand Prix Georges Brassens at the Festival de Sète, France, 1988
  • Joseph Plateau Prize for: Beste Belgian Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Music, Best Benelux Film at the Film Festival of Flanders - Ghent, Belgium, 1986
  • Richard Prize for Best Actor (Josse De Pauw) at the Festival de Film Européen in Vichy, France, 1988
  • Special Prize for Best Film at the Festival de Film Européen in Vichy, France, 1988

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