Oud BelgiŰ (Ancienne Belgique)

Ancienne Belgique, Antwerp, during the seventies. With the growing popularity of television, theatre attendance dwindles and stage actors are forced to make the transition from the music-hall to the major television spectacles. To make matters worse, real estate tycoons are turning many of Antwerp’s buildings into shopping malls. As seen through the eyes of its colourful characters, this production tells the fascinating story of how the AB in Antwerp met its ruin, and possibly, ushered in the end of an era. Peter Van den Begin (Debby & Nancy, De Matroesjka’s, etc) grew up in the pit of the former Ancienne Belgique in Antwerp. In the early 70’s, before comedian Gaston Bergmans teamed up with Leo Martin, Peter’s father used to be his stooge. For years, Peter had been nurturing this project about the downfall of this local Antwerp phenomenon and the era of the closure of the music-halls of yore.

Belgium - 2009
Genre: tv-series 6 episodes and feature film
Director: Indra Siera
Screenplay: Peter Van den Begin & Stany Crets
Producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama - Elisabeth - VRT
Actors: Peter Van den Begin, Stany Crets, Els Dottermans, Warre Borgmans
Release: Automn 2009 (film), Winter 2010 (series)


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