De Zaak Alzheimer (The Alzheimer Case - the memory of a killer)

Vincke and Verstuyft are the Antwerp police department’s top detective team. When a high-ranking official is murdered, they are tasked with catching the killer by any means necessary. The clues point toward a hitman by the name of Angelo Ledda. Ledda suffers from the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and finds carrying out his missions increasingly difficult. When he realizes moreover that he has been used as a pawn in a political powerplay, he decides to turn the tables on his clients. Meanwhile, Vincke and Verstuyft struggle to disentangle the web of intrigues, settlements and networks, in an attempt to avoid even more bloodshed.

Belgium - 2003
Genre: Thriller - feature film
Director: Erik Van Looy
Screenplay: Carl Joos & Erik Van Looy
Producer: MMG - Erwin Provoost & Hilde De Laere
Actors: Koen de Bouw, Werner De Smedt, Jan Decleir, Jo De Meyere, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Geert Van Rampelberg, Gène Bervoets
Release: 15/10/2003

In 2003 MMG produced the psychological thriller "De Zaak Alzheimer", based on the eponymous best-seller by Jef Geeraerts, and starring Jan Decleir, Koen De Bouw and Werner De Smedt. The film proved an overnight success. In Flanders alone, the movie reeled in over 750,000 admissions. In the mean time, the film has been sold to France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain and Andorra, Japan, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, the U.S.A., Canada, Korea, China, Bulgaria and Brazil. The US-based production company Focus Features, an independent partner of Universal Pictures (famous for 21 Grams, Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Motorcycle Diaries), has bought the remake rights to the movie.

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