Windkracht 10: Koksijde rescue (Gale force 10)

Following an incident at a high-ranking army reception, diver Rick Symons is despatched to the 40th Search and Rescue Squadron in Koksijde. Rick is accepted into the competent, if slightly offbeat Sea King crew. His biggest surprise, however, is when female medic Alex, a ghost from Rick’s tumultuous past, pops up. Not the only one, it soon transpires, as the transfer to Koksijde forces him to face a much worse demon: a year and a half ago his friend and colleague Koen became permanently disabled after a diving accident. Worse still, that is not the only way Rick let his friend down on that fatal night...

B/NL/UK - 2006
Genre: Action
Director: Hans Herbots
Screenplay: Pierre De Clercq
Producer: MMG (Hilde De Laere & Erwin Provoost) - Phanta Vision - Woodline Productions - VRT
Actors: Veerle Baetens, Kevin Janssens, Koen De Bouw, Stan Van Samang, Warre Borgmans, Ludo Busschots, Jelle Cleymans, Axel Daeseleire
Release: 20/10/2006


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