Waar is het Paard van Sinterklaas? (Where is Winky's horse?)

Winky Wong is the happiest girl in the world! She gets to look after the horse of St. Nicholas. She would love to ride the horse of St. Nicholas, too, but uncle Siem and auntie Cor don’t approve. The horse is far too big for her. A real shame, thinks Winky.
One day though, while everyone is away from the farm, Winky secretly does something very naughty. With terrible consequences. The horse of St. Nicholas has escaped....Winky races her bike into the dunes, but the horse has disappeared. What is Winky supposed to do now?

B/NL - 2007
Genre: Family, Adventure - feature film
Director: Mischa Kamp
Screenplay: Tamara Bos
Producer: BosBros & MMG
Actors: Jan Decleir, Betty Schuurman, Anneke Blok, Aaron Wan, Haniyi Han, Ebbie Tam
Release: 24/10/2007

KPN Audience Award
Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2007 Junior Moviesquad Shield
Nomination Best Female Supporting Act (Betty Schuurman/Aunt Cor)
Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht, The Netherlands
Golden Film (award for more than 100,000 admissions)
The Netherlands Film Fund & Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2007
Sold to: Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg and Norway


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