6 lives. 24 hours. A hotel in the middle of a heat wave.

Anna and Hendrik have it all: a great son, a good job, a lovely house… But the wedding they attend in the hotel forces them to reflect on the choices they have made. Hendrik is happy. Anna is not. ‘Is that all there is?’ she wonders. Especially when her lover shows up, asking her to run off with him to greener pastures…

Violette wants to reconcile with her daughter Vicky before she dies. But Vicky, a chambermaid in the hotel, finds it hard to forget old hurts. She takes care of Joyeux, a young African refugee hiding in the hotel from the police. She lets her mother believe the boy is her own son. After all, with her he’ll have a much better life…
But then Amadou, Joyeux’ father, arrives at the hotel looking for his son. And the lives of all these people will be irrevocably intertwined.
At least until the heat breaks and the rains offer some relief…

‘Swooni’ offers a surprising kaleidoscope of hopes and doubts, passion and betrayal, in which no one checks out quite the same as they checked in. 

Belgium - 2010
Genre: Drama - feature film
Director: Kaat Beels
Screenplay: Annelies Verbeke & Michel Sabbe
Producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama - Peter Bouckaert
Actors: met o.a. Geert Van Rampelberg, Sara Deroo, Natali Broods, Viviane De Muynck, Issaka Sawadogo
Release: August 25th 2011

Tax shelter status: Financing for fiscal year 2010

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