Flikken reeks 10 (Flikken - series 10)

The popular drama series Flikken centers around a team of detectives of the Ghent police and their commissioner. The way in which they tackle the everyday petty crimes in and around the city, the way they handle their job, the way in which the workplace encroaches on their private lives … Originally focusing on the experiences of two female cops, Britt (Andrea Croonenberghs) and Tony (Joke De Vinck), the series gradually evolved into more of an ensemble piece, where innovation and refreshing new characters have added to its long-lasting appeal. Nine years on, the cops of Ghent prove more popular than ever, with series 10 in postproduction. Flikken has become a trademark, a concept.

Belgium - 2009
Genre: Drama - TV series
Director: Rik DaniŰls, Tom Goris & Stef Desmyter
Screenplay: Pierre De Clercq, Carl Joos, Charles De Weerdt, Rik D'hiet & Kees Vroege
Producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama - VRT Fictie
Actors: Jo De Meyere, Ludo Hellinx, Mark Tijsmans, Ianka Fleerackers, Pascale Michiels, Roel Vanderstukken & Mathias Sercu

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